There is a profoundly moving scene in the Matt Damon movie, ‘We Bought a Zoo’, where Matt is sitting down with his son espousing the virtues of ’20 Seconds of Insane Courage’….

At RM&A, we fuel, fund and support

a finite number of entrepreneurs who are disruptive & unconventional, and possess the insatiable desire and courage to leave their sector and space better than they found it. 

Ray’s dedication to client service is second to none. His passion for those projects he works with has been a critical success factor for many companies.

Brady Fletcher

President & Head of Investment Banking at Roth Canada

We are former CEOs.

We are entrepreneurs. We are start-up strategists with exit expertise. We are Seed Investors and Investor Relations Professionals. We are Mentors to Management.

Indeed, the Outliers of Innovation embrace that roaring voice from within.




The Pull. The Leap.


The relentless pursuit of creating something where nothing existed before.

SO much of the magic, learning, growth and success in life (and entrepreneurship) resides in that incredible, and often daunting place.

In our year together at OP4 Media Networks, Ray motivated and empowered me to push my professional limits past what I ever thought possible.  From day one, he earned my respect as he worked passionately to create an open foundation for idea exchange at OP4 through milestones and crises.

As I spent more and more time working with and learning from Ray, I realized that his natural flair for leadership included other unorthodox, but highly effective, qualities.  Like the fact that he’s gutsy.  And a fabulous storyteller.  He’s also a little wild, very funny and a touch theatrical. 

In short, Ray is the kind of leader that leaves more than just business success behind – he leaves a legend.

Sam Reynolds

CEO, Echo Memoirs

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